Why We Should Strengthen Our Hips

May 7th, 2020
Strengthen Hips

As low back pain and hip pain become increasingly prevalent in the United States, people are overlooking the importance of hip strength and its influence on these health conditions. 

Motions of the Hip Joint

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that allows your hip to move in 6 different motions. Each hip motion is primarily controlled by the muscles listed below.

  • Abduction – Glute Medius
  • Adduction – Adductor Magnus
  • Flexion – Psoas Major
  • Extension – Glute Maximus
  • Internal Rotation – Glute Minimus and Tensor Fascia Lata
  • External Rotation – Piriformis

Why is Hip Strength so Important?

Proper hip strength is critical for proper mechanics during sit to stand transfers, walking, running, and stair negotiation. Weak hip strength can negatively influence the proper hip mechanics. This can cause other parts of the body such as your knee or low back to begin compensating for the hip weakness.

As it is becoming more and more common to sit for longer periods of time, people are beginning to experience hip weakness. Hip weakness is a very common cause of activity-related injuries and is correlated with low back pain and hip pain.

How Physical Therapy Can Help!

Fortunately, hip weakness is an impairment that can be improved significantly. Proper hip strength can help reduce injury and alleviate pain. Here are the top 5 benefits of hip strengthening.

  1. Injury Prevention
  2. Improved Mobility and Performance
  3. Reduced Strain on Low Back
  4. Improved Gait Mechanics
  5. Improved Posture

If You Believe Your Hip Weakness is Limiting Your Ability to Move, Call Respire Physical Therapy Today at 703-671-1871 to Schedule Your Evaluation!

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