Patient Testimonials

  • I was able to call and book an appointment on the same day. I usually expect at least a 15 minute wait time for my appointments but my physical therapist saw me right at the time of my appointment. My therapist even gave me a free theraband for my exercises!

    Martin R.
  • Dr. Teng’s very knowledgeable, professional and encouraging. He explained my condition for me to understand and continued to remind me to not lose hope throughout my journey. I can’t thank him enough. The front desk staff is also lovely and kind. I feel extremely motivated and cannot wait to return back to golf! I would highly recommend this clinic.

    Toni J.
  • I had a pinched nerve in my lower back that was disrupting my sleep. I was really worried that I would not be able to go on my hiking trip to Iceland this March. I tried everything from chiropractors, stretch classes, medications and nothing seemed to work. Kevin did a lot of hands-on therapy for my back and gave me personalized exercises. The burning/tingling in my leg went away! I am so happy that I found Respire. If I ever need physical therapy again, this is where I will go.

    Cindy T.
  • Kevin is my favorite! My neck feels really good this morning – loved the massage.

    Tiffany H.
  • Kevin was very helpful in getting me through my exercises. He explained and showed me what had to be done. 

    Seong K.
  • Listened and explained well. 

    Emilio G.
  • Listened to what I was saying and how I was feeling. Kevin is excellent. I have already recommended him to coworkers.

    Carlos S.
  • Kevin was careful to thoroughly explain each exercise and the specific target area. He is very thorough and professional! 

    Vina R.
  • Kevin took the time to explain why I was doing each exercise and how to do it at home. Kevin is an outstanding therapist. Thank you. 

    Molly N.
  • Very polite and patient physical therapist.

    Kyle Y.
  • I want to thank you profusely for your dedication and commitment with which you took care of me. You will be remembered very fondly. 

    Sandy S.
  • My surgery was 5/21 and this past Sunday I was able to walk about 50 feet without my cane. I am thrilled and can’t imagine what you could do better!

    Dennis T.
  • Very good at explaining what he was doing and why.

    Richard J.
  • I just wanted to thank you for your dedication & support throughout my physical therapy! I enjoyed working with you, and can say your positive attitude contributed to my recovery! 

    Marina F.