Katherine P.

April 1st, 2020

Dr. Kevin Teng is an amazing and inspiring physical therapist, coach, teacher, and person. After recovering from a broken foot, I had to relearn how to walk and regain strength and flexibility in my foot. When I was searching for a physical therapist, Respire kept popping up as the top search result, so I decided to go with them. OMG—easily the best decision I ever made. Before the accident, I would have told you I was in decent shape. After Physical Therapy (PT) with Kevin, I feel that not only are my foot and ankle stronger and healthier than ever before, but Kevin’s patient coaching and teaching have me approaching the best shape of my life. Kevin devised a plan of therapy that had me slowly and steadily regaining strength and flexibility. When I had problems because my other leg was overcompensating for the weakness in the foot, he worked with me to “balance” things out. When my knee started acting up because it now had to engage in a regular range of motion, he tirelessly worked to help me strengthen it. He listens, and works very hard to make sure you become healthy again. (I honestly cannot say enough good things about him; he is so kind and generous. When I was stressing about getting a face mask during the early weeks of the pandemic, he gave me two reusable masks from his own supply. He gave me resistance bands to keep on strengthening at home. After I expressed an interest in getting my own TENS unit, he gave me a spare that he had and showed me how to use it. Kevin is an amazing person.) Behind the scenes are Helen the office manager, and Griz, the therapy dog and client relations manager. Helen is wonderful. She is so nice and works hard to make patients welcome and comfortable. And, of course, there is Griz, therapy dog and as I liked to joke, the “client relations manager.” In the exceedingly unlikely event that you are mad about physical therapy (which wouldn’t happen because Kevin and Helen are very responsive, professional, and just plain fantastic), I guarantee that petting Griz will make you feel better. (Physical therapy never felt like a chore with Griz running up and giving you a tennis ball to throw for him. :-). Griz’s antics always put a smile on my face; after throwing the ball, he would retrieve it and proudly prance back, showing off the ball and how well he caught it.) The last three months have been such that I have come to consider Helen, Kevin, and Griz good friends. I am glad to be fully recovered from the broken foot, but I will miss seeing them every week. The Respire team definitely deserves 6 out of 5 stars: they go above and beyond to rehabilitate and inspire you.